Fearneleaf Books - the legacy of Lannah Battley

My mother, Lannah Battley (1938-2022), was a self-published novelist and writer of science fiction stories. Here are links to her books, which are still available to buy. Note: these are external links to the Amazon website.

When Gareth Quentin tumbles from his world into that of Victorian Britain, he learns about a far more advanced society. On his return, he founds his own Great Western Railway but his more pastoral era is far from idyllic. There is a thriving slave trade and his success motivates several people to become dangerous enemies. His family, including his daughter Brunella, are all at risk of abduction, or worse, at the hands of the devious Inigo Fossett and the homicidal actor manager, Sebastian Fronk. But there is an even greater cold-blooded adversary who travels from that other more modern world and she is prepared to murder in her own interests.

The slave trade is flourishing in Hen Fyd. Those who profit from it will stop at nothing to retain their wealth. Jack Black, believed to be a multiple murderer, searches for people who might prove his innocence but puts himself in grave danger when he agrees to help the abolitionists. Brunella Quentin, able to travel to the more advanced New World, goes on a quest for knowledge. On her safe return she agrees to take on a hazardous role in a plan to trap the murderer...

An entertaining, original and often humorous compilation of ten stories about this and other worlds. They include Britain under the rule of Spain following the successful invasion by the Spanish Armada, the alien spy whose mission on Earth is hampered when he gets hooked on music, a world where society is strictly controlled and livestock is banned and the man who inadvertently brought about 'the end of civilisation as we know it'. Their settings range from the London sewers to outer space and from the eighteenth century to the far future.

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